The BBC do the selfie thing


BBC, the selfie and identity

So, following in the footsteps of our mighty Selfie Project, the BBC are running The Selfie Day. This is part of a survey the BBC undertook for their Who Do We Think We Are? project.

The project explored if people felt more or less connected to others than a decade ago. And the findings in short are are that people are feeling more connected locally and globally but feel less connected with their country. As part of the project the BBC asked people to post a selfie that they think best reflects how they see themselves.

The Selfie Day closed on April 7 but it’s interesting for the The Selfie Project that we are running at RMTI that they were asking people to post their selfies on Twitter using #selfieday, or email by at

There’s lots of posts up there and they are great. So help us out with our project and post a selfie up to our project today at…

BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull tweeted his love of beekeeping



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