Industrial Media – Analysis and Reflection 5 – Q 2 Review of semester

The key skills I hoped to acquire from this subject at the start of the semester were: an understanding of the methodology and workflow of pre and post production, the basics of Premiere Pro, hands-on experience and training with cameras and sound and an immersion in the analysis and discussion of film. I also hoped to get more engaged in the course as the first semester subjects had been very disappointing.

And on reflection, the subject has delivered on all these areas. In particular I have had a great grounding in editing in Premiere Pro and have benefited from the tutorials held in the editing suites where both Paul and Andrea were available for hands-on learning, explaining and problem-solving. This has been really great. I much appreciated the extra session that Paul ran for those of us starting from zero with Premiere. I also appreciated Andrea’s time trying to resolve an issue with interlacing. I am now confident in the basics of editing and have learnt enough of Premiere to know what I need to follow-up on to continue to improve my skills. Lynda is fantastic and a great resource for RMIT to provide free to students.

The tutes with hands-on learning with cameras, audio recording and lighting were really helpful and the abstract assignment was useful and well structured. My only frustration was that being part-time meant that I wasn’t using the equipment for other projects so didn’t really have the opportunity to consolidate my learning.

I have appreciated being asked to think about and analyse film and this has really sharpened my thinking and writing.

The best aspect of the course has been the professionalism, enthusiasm and flexibility of Paul and Andrea. Last semester’s subjects were frustrating in many ways and I certainly would have felt more optimistic about the course if we had started the year with Industrial Media. Thanks both for a great semester!



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