PIM Sketch #1_Skater

This is my first sketch for Post-Industrial Media, 2015.

This video is the first in a series of sketches exploring one particular affordance of a smart phone, in my case an iphone iOS 8.1. The affordance my group has chosen to explore is ‘portability’. Being portable can be defined as capable of being transported or conveyed, easily carried by hand. This is clearly a key aspect of the smart phone. But what does it mean to us as users to have this portable device so readily available? One key meaning is that we have can record in a multiple of ways what we see and hear as we move about space. We can record audio, images and video. And we can quickly and easily upload and share these media resources. This sharing means we can convey to our friends or the wider world something we have just seen, heard and experienced.

This video was shot early on Sunday morning. I was riding my bike in the Edinburgh Gardens. A dog walker and a garbage truck. And a skater. He was skating alone in the skate bowl. This place is usually jam-packed especially on the weekend so Sam gets here early to skate.

I wanted to capture in this video not just the portability of the iphone, it was there, I could record, but also the portability of the skating experience. A skateboard, like a phone can go with you anywhere and afford its own experience of speed and freedom. I wanted to capture the sense of this skater, alone in the skate bowl.


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