PIM Week 4 Reflection 2

In terms of my practice and how this is being impacted on by the concepts of post-industrial media, I am really enjoying working on short sketches exploring the possibilities of the iphone as a filmmaking device. This is a really interesting process which is about observing, creating a sketch, reflecting on that sketch and the considering what I can build on out of that sketch in terms of exploring the iphone’s portability affordance.

In the context of filmmaking, the framework of post-industrial filmmaking pushes me to consider modes of constructing and sharing media content beyond the standard industrial methods of using film or video cameras and engaging in a distribution process based on the theatrical release model.

Making content using what is currently my most portable device, my mobile phone, allows me to shoot whatever I see, edit it quickly on the same device and share it to my chosen network. This is a really different concept to working on a long form project where the production workflow necessarily creates a gap between planning, shooting, editing and releasing the content.

I am finding it quite liberating to shoot and explore ideas via sketches. It allows me to follow an idea (in this case ‘portability’) quite broadly and freely in the early stages without being pinned down either to a particular approach or style. I am also really enjoying exploring the affordances of my iphone. I haven’t used imovie on this device before. Yesterday I edited a short sketch using imovie on my phone and it was great not to have to go through the usual workflow of uploading, formatting and importing content from the shooting device onto my computer to use on Adobe Premiere. There are limitations but I imagine I will find my way around them as I explore this and other editing software for the mobile phone.

In terms of my practice this process is asking me to think not just about the stories I might tell by how I tell them and how I share them. As Buxton suggests it is the sketching process is a creative process where a sketch is created out of current knowledge and as I read and interpret the sketch I have made, it creates new knowledge (Buxton, 2007)


Buxton, B 2007, Sketching user experiences, Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco.



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