PIM Project 3 Sketch_Portability: Good dog

a) a sketch entirely using the mobile phone without using a computer

This sketch continues my exploration of working solely with the iphone and not using a computer as well as investigating the affordance of portability.

In this sketch again, the portability of the phone is evident. I’m at the beach, go for a walk, and decide to film the surging tide and dramatic dark skies. As I’m filming, a big shaggy Golden Retriever comes into frame and jogs off. Great. But then his owner steps into frame, steps back, says sorry. So I say no worries its okay, and he happily steps into frame following his dog. If I was shooting with a video camera or even my Canon 7D the man would have most likely been more intimidated and less willing to walk into shot. The iphone creates a really casual feel. Ethics? To be explored…

To make the clip work I definitetly had to edit a number of different shots. So in this clip I’m exploring the pretty simple and effective edit capacity of imovie on the iphone. Note that the man’s head is a chopped off, not great framing but I’ve kept it as this is all experimenting. I’ve used a filter (Vintage) which shifted the tone up a gear and gave it a ‘not quite real’ feel.

With this sketch I have used two different sound sources as I wanted to find out about using my own music (as in music I’ve sourced) rather than the themes imovie provides.

The first is a theme provided by imovie (playful) and it gives the sketch a light-hearted feel.

The second audio I sourced from Jamendo and is a track called Mission Bucharest by The Pharoahs, available under Creative Commons. One thing I found with this is the licence allows copy and reuse as long as the creators are acknowledged. I realise I haven’t added credits to the end of the sketch and will need to explore this. Credits are provided with the clip on Vimeo. The Pharoahs have a surf rock vibe and the music gives the clip some energy. And the dog seems to be trotting to the beat! I added a title to this one as well.

As with the parrots I uploaded both these versions from the iphone to Vimeo. It’s quick and effictient. This is quite different workflow for me. I am used to shooting, ingesting the footage to my harddrive, using MPEG Streamclip to do an initial edit and to ensure I have the correct frame rates, etc. Then I work in Adobe Premiere. Working on the phone is certainly much quicker and is quite seamless. Limitations are still to be explored in terms of how much I can do with a clip in imovie on the phone.

It also seems that there is no issue with pixellation when I import to Vimeo direct from the iphone, whereas with Backstreets which I downloaded to my hard drive then uploaded to Vimeo was very pixellated when exported at HD 720P.


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