PIM Project 3 Sketch_Portability: Parrots dine out

a) a sketch entirely using the mobile phone without using a computer

I am continuing to explore the affordance of portability and am working entirely using the mobile phone. This is my second sketch, Parrots Dine Out.

The sketch is a good illustration of the portability of the iphone. The parrots arrived and clamoured up in the tree. They are fickle about when they visit, and they stay only for the food. In this case there were 5 parrots so it was a great line up on the back deck. I had the phone and took a number of shots before getting this one so while this has a very casual feel, I spent some time finding the best angle, and finding how much and how little to move with as I captured the lineup of parrots. I also was able to get closer and closer as they got used to me (a great example of the unobtrusiveness of the phone). I used a single take but trimmed the beginning and end. Even this simple edit means I am controlling the story, I chose the in-point and made a definite choice about going out when the two parrots are both in shot, red head and green head bobbing together for the seed.

These are King Parrots and their bold red and green colouring is so dramatic and clean. I decided to push the colouring further using a standard imovie filter (Blast). I explored the imovie theme music and used one that was light and unobtrusive (Simple). Unlike the first sketch Backstreets, with this one I exported directly from the iphone to Vimeo. I also shared it directly from the phone to Facebook.

This is a fun video and it’s one that you might see anywhere on Vimeo and YouTube. I am interested in how I can use the phone and the theme (portability) to push the content, images, ideas further.

I am mindful here of Buxton’s ‘Sketch of a Dialogue with a Sketch’ which he summaries as a conversation between a sketch and the mind. We create a sketch from what we know (the parrots). How we then read and interpret the outcome of the sketch creates new knowledge (Buxton, 2007). This diagram is a really useful prompt in thinking of how to push the work further.


Buxton, B 2007, Sketching user experiences, Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco.



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