PIM Project 3 Sketch_Portability: Watching paint peel

d) A sketch using a desktop video application on a computer

In the past week I’ve been working on a range of sketches covering the criteria set for Project Three. I have posted sketches that have been shot and edited and shared solely on my iphone 5. I have enjoyed the speed and immediacy of this process. I am now working on some sketches that I have shot with the phone’s camera (not with an app) and am editing these on Premiere Pro. The first one is Watching Paint Peel.

I wanted to use content (video and audio)  recorded just on my phone for this sketch. I played with using different audio elements and ended up using the wind sounds that recorded with the video. I also recorded footsteps but I found that just the wind, or the wind and footsteps created a country feel to the sketch, as if we were on a farm or in a country town, and for me what I enjoy about these image is that they are in inner city back lanes. So I recorded audio of road works that are happening near my house and layered this in over the wind audio. I manipulated the sound levels, creating peaks in the road works noises and fading both audio tracks to zero as the clip fades to black. I also used cross fade to fade the final clip to black. A professional editing tool such as Premiere Pro allows an editor to finely manipulate both image and audio in a way that an editing tool such as the imovie app cannot do.

On the content itself, this sketch continues my interest in capturing the small things that can go unnoticed in our busy lives and in finding beauty or abstraction in everyday things.


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