PIM Project 3_Portability: Reflection on editing apps

I’ve been looking at different video editing apps that can be used on a mobile device and found a useful article from Videomaker that lists many of these apps with a brief summary of each. Below is the video apps they highlight and their summaries of each app.

I haven’t yet explored these but they would be interesting to try out.

 Free Apps

Splice – A mobile video editing software suite right at your fingertips, Splice allows users to capture, cut and distribute polished productions across a wide range of social media networks. “Splicers” can add text, music from their iTunes catalog, apply filters and even drop in timely sound effects to give your videos a bit of Hollywood, right from your phone. Splice is available for Apple iOS products.

Videolicious – If you’re looking for an app that offers easy video editing, look no further than Videolicious. With this simplistic, Apple-based app you have voice and single-swipe control of your content, and you can add video filters as a bundle of options that allow your videos to take your productions to a whole new level. The free version of Videolicious will give users the ability to produce single minute length films, while a multiple cost tier allows users to both increase their video capacity, but also implement additional resources.

They also mentioned Viddy but this app folded a few years ago. Here’s an article about its demise




Apps that cost $$

Videocamera – The name doesn’t do justice for what this Apple-based app is capable of delivering. Intuitive capturing and editing options allow Video Camera users to apply transitions, music and graphical elements, while users can take complete control of theircamera’s capabilities by manually adjusting zoom, focus and exposure. The cost of Video Camera is $29.00 in the app store.

Pinnacle – Producers looking for a workhorse video editing software app, Pinnacle Studio for iPad offers several differences from iMovie. Users can build their video projects in the Storyboard format, then tweak using the more precise Timeline format. Full 1080p HD output support makes for amazing results.

Cinemek – this isn’t editing software but I’m adding it in as it sounds like a useful tool for storyboarding.





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