PIM Project 3 Sketch: Portability_apps to alter content 2_ Beach days

c) using a mobile app to add some type of alteration or effects to the recorded content

Beach Days – Cinematic exploration

I continued to use Cinematic in a number of situations. Of all the filters I have really liked using the Darwin filter which gives an old Super 8 look to the footage. I have used this a few times and will post both clips. For this clip, Beach Days, I am continuing to explore the affordance of portability, using the phone whenever I am out and about to capture moments. With this clip I wanted to capture the feel of past summers, filming people swimming, fishing, building sandcastles, walking, and of course the ubiquitous barking dog!

For this clip I edited in imovie as at the time I found it quicker to put together and in particular easier to edit individual clips in the timeline. I added imovie music but also chose to keep the diegetic sounds in place to give a feel of the beach (and the barking dog). I exported this directly from imovie to Vimeo. Quick and simple.

I am enjoying the addition of the cinematic filters which add another element to the everyday and ordinary moments I am filming.


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