PIM Project 3 Sketch: Portability_apps to alter content 3_patterns

c) a sketch using mobile apps that add some type of alteration or effects to the recorded content

This sketch continues my exploration of mobile video apps which provide the capacity to alter content using filters and us on-board editing tools. This sketch is created entirely with the mobile phone and will be part of my submission of sketches under task a) producing a sketch entirely using the mobile phone.

There are many apps out there that allow you to alter content and while sharing some features, most of them have features of their own. I have found an app called Horizon that as mentioned previously always ensures that no matter what angle you hold your phone, it will shoot horizontal (no black bars!). You can choose to lock the horizontal or rotate it which allows you to change how your subject fits in the frame.

The app has an interesting and creative range of filters, for this clip I used ‘toon’. The filters have the capacity to move the clip quickly into a more abstract statement which I think for this clip changes the mundane moments of cutting out a pattern on the floor, to an interesting abstaction where the act of cutting a pattern is less obvious than the experience of movement, colour and in this case sound. For this clip I kept the diegetic sound and didn’t add any addtional audio. The background radio adds another layer to the clip that music wouldn’t provide. The app allows you to significantly adjust the volume so for this sketch I ramped up the sound.

I am finding that the functionality provided by video apps including the filters, capacity to change settings such as aperture, shutter etc as well as social media sharing very interesting in terms of our affordance, portability. With the range of video apps, I can shoot what I see wherever I am and I can edit it on the spot with tools that push the mood and look and that push the abstract elements of the subject to the foreground. I can also immediately upload to Vimeo and share on social media sites, allowing a conversation or connection to be built around the content. So the content itself is portable as it is shared across different sites.

Here’s a quick video of the Horizon app:



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