PIM Project 3 Sketch_Portability: city downpour

d) A sketch using a desktop video application on a computer

This sketch was shot on my iphone 5 and has been edited in Premiere Pro.

I shot the clips for this video one morning walking my dog around the block and down the back lane. My phone, even more than usual, is in my pocket, an extension of my body or as Richardson (2007) puts it:

‘the mobile phone is customarily accepted almost as a body-part or appendage…'(Richardson 2007, p.11)

There was a sudden and drenching downpour which I shot with the phone. This is the type of situation which you couldn’t plan to shoot and couldn’t get a camera back to the lane in time to shoot with either a video or DSLR. I edited this video in Premiere Pro using some manipulating both image and audio to create the feeling of this downpour and the stillness once it was over. It is this type of manipulation that is possible using editing software such as Premiere. However I am finding that the editing that is possible within phone apps and editing tools allows a different type of play and creativity to occur.

Some of the clips I shot vertically which when brought into Premiere created a scaling issue. I have now found a good video app Horizon which shoots horizontally no matter what you do. This app also has some other good features which I will post about when I’ve shot some content.

This clip has quite a different look and feel to the same footage that I edited on my iphone and I am interested in how the editing apps can provide a large suite of tools to modify content in really interesting and creative ways.


Richardson 2007 from readings, see Hjorth, L. 2007, Waiting for immediacy catalogue, Yonsei University: Seoul.


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