PIM Project 3 Sketch: Portability: My Sunday

f) a sketch that explores a new technique or constraint

For this sketch I wanted to explore the idea of portability from the point of view of the content itself being portable. Clearly a key value of the mobile phone is it’s capacity for people to share their content quickly and easily to a select group or the public in general. We post on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, a whole range of different services. However I was interested to explore the idea of user-generated content online and people responding to some kind of ‘call to action’. I also wanted to continue exploring the idea of portability as the capacity to capture the ordinary moments of life.

To collect the content I used Facebook and asked people to post a short video that said something about their Sunday. With little notice I got a range lot of videos to work with. The result is My Sunday:

The first thing I found out was that while it’s very easy to save images from Facebook it’s far less easy to save videos. I am still exploring this and have found that a ‘save’ of the video on Facebook does keep the content and does allow you to open the video in a browser and then save to a drive. However this seems to only allow me to play the video not capture it for editing. I got around this by using quicktime to screepcap one of the videos, the others I asked contributors to send the files to dropbox. On reflection the sketch could be stronger if I included text from the Facebook posts such as: ‘at team training for ultimate frisbee…. before our national championships begin next week’ or  ‘breaking in the new mouth guard’ or ‘a Sunday night bedtime story zzz’.

I edited the sketch in Premiere Pro and incorporated a quicktime screencap of each contribution as they appeared on Facebook. This is an interesting area to explore further especially in conjunction with the capturing of the ordinary moments of life.

All participants agreed to the use of their content for this sketch.


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