PIM Project 3_Portability: Reflection on sharing and portability of content

Exploring the apps that allow users to create and immediately share video content really pushes the idea of portability. Not only is the phone portable, the content is too. I can make it, I can share it on a range of social media platforms, I can export it to my laptop, edit it on Adobe Premiere, or I can edit it within the phone itself, on the go.

I am currently exploring Vine and Lightt.

Lightt differentiates itself from similar social networking video apps in that steams users contents as an ongoing feed. Each users content (10 second highlights) is spliced together in an ongoing feed which can be skimmed quickly to see the content. You can make the content private or public. It has a range of effects and filters some of which provide the most abstracted versions of recorded content that I’ve seen on a video app. It doesn’t appear that separate clips or ‘highlights’ can be saved to your phone and used in other situations. So for me Lightt is an interesting tool for keeping a streamed and easy to nagivate video record but it didn’t grab me as a social networking tool. As mentioned it did have some of the more interesting filters available.

Vine is a very close cousin to Instagram. For me it’s key feature for working with video content is it’s hold record button that allows you to record very short grabs within the 6 second clip limit. I discuss fine in more detail in the sketch blog Letterboxes.






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