PIM Project 4 Sketch: Busking

This is the second clip I shot exploring the topic of people working on the streets of Melbourne’s CBD.

This sketch is of two buskers. I chose not to ask these buskers for an interview. Mainly because the first one was at the start of my filming and I hadn’t worked up the courage and the second one was at the end and I was exhausted.

But these clips are important as for me they raise two questions key to this idea. The first is what music can I use? I am filming people on the street which I understand filmmakers can do without needing permission. This will be important to clarify. But what about their music? The Arts Law Centre of Australia notes in it’s PDF on filming in public spaces that:

The Copyright Act gives limited rights to people engaged in live performance (for instance, anyone performing theatre, dance, music, circus or variety acts and mime). Filming a live performance – even if it is being staged in a public place for the public to enjoy – may infringe those rights.

I will need clarification if this means I can film people busking. Perhaps it means I need permission just to film as well as to interview?

The second question is whether I want to, need to, or can interview people? A major part of that decision is what the final film is to convey. Is it people’s reflections on working on the street? Or is it a piece that captures visually the range of work that is done on our streets? I am still working on this.

I have continued to use the Map my Walk as overlay.


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