PIM Project 4 Sketch: Selling God on the street

This is the first sketch exploring the topic of people who work on the streets of the Melbourne CBD.

This video is an exploratory sketch. The speaker gave verbal permission on film but I hadn’t thought through what I needed to say so I think this isn’t a strong permission. As a first sketch this brought up many issues in filming this topic. The women were in a way reluctant to talk but as they are Jehovah’s Witnesses they were I think also prepared to speak to spread their message. This raised another question for me, do I include the message that she wants to deliver? I did for this sketch but it raises questions about what content to use, why I’m using it and what the subject might want me do to with it.

I used the app Map My Walk for these sketches thinking it might be a useful layer to include where I walked and where the interviews were held. This isn’t entirely successful as I did quite a few loops and double backs so it’s not  very clear where each interview took place but they may not be the most important thing. I quite like the sense that this layer could bring to the final piece but need to explore it a bit more.




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