PIM Project Iteration #1: Harun’s kiosk

Project 4 Iteration #1 

I have presented a number of interviews as part of Project 4 that are leading to my first iteration for Project 4. These sketches were the result of my first filming on the streets of Melbourne interviewing workers on the street.

After the first round of  interviews I wanted to spend more time with my subjects and explore filmically the space they worked in and the space around them.

In this sketch I interviewed  Harun who runs the kiosk on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets. Harun was very generous with his time and was willing to be interviewed. I only used the iphone for sound and its limitations are obvious here.

Having edited this video in a fairly conventional way to get a feel of the footage and how the interview content worked I feel I am moving toward a better solution for this project. Using the iphone you can get close, you can be unobstrusive, you can get a feel of movement, you get good and bad light and good and bad focus. But for interviews you pretty much get poor sound.

I am going to work with this and the other interview material plus street footage I’ve shot to work towards a more visual and less literal narrative that captures working on the street.

The permissions form that Elliot sent through made a huge difference in engaging people with the project and having them agree to be filmed and to sign. It was unobstrusive and straightforward and worked really well.


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