PIM Project iteration #2: on the streets

Project 4 Iteration #2

The second iteration of the video for Project 4 has advanced significantly from the previous iteration and sketches but is still very much a work in progress.

In this iteration I am working towards assembling a piece that captures the feel of working on the street rather than focus on the interviews and the subjects. This keeps the focus on the affordance of portability using the capacity of the small and portable camera to film unobtrusively as I move through the city streets.

In the next iteration I want to work towards a structure that starts with the streets without the traders and street workers and focuses on wet streets and commuters and the busy sound of traffic. As I introduce the workers on the street the feel will be busier and the sound will become more mixed and lively using the music from the street. A key issue to focus on in the next edit will be carefully balancing the diegetic sounds so the interview subjects can be heard. Also interweaving these diegetic sounds using them to change to pace and mood of the work.






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