Web doc flow chart draft

Shelter – a web documentary draft flowchart

At the early stage of research for this web documentary on homelessness I have 4 or maybe 5 areas of homelessness that I want to explore through interviews. These are people whose accomodation is insecure and or unsafe and can include people sleeping in the following spaces:

  • rough sleeping on the streets
  • rooming houses or caravan parks
  • couch surfing
  • supported accommodation

There are also people who have been homeless and now have secure and safe accommodation as well as support workers. I was initially thinking of a structure that allowed a user to choose a category to explore along the lines of Giving Time by Julia Scott-Stevenson. Initially I liked the idea of the user being able to choose from a categorgy, in this case different types of volunteers. However I am beginning to think that in the area of homelessness I don’t want to label or box people into categories as the space between all the housing options and how and why people are there are very fluid.

Giving Time menu page

So I am thinking now that the structure of this web documentary will definitely be modular and I would like users to be able to enter and leave at any point, making this a rhizome type structure.

I feel there is a range of potential scenarios that could be explored including:

  • couch surfing to rough sleeping seeking safe shelter
  • couch surfing to rooming house/caravan part seeking safe shelter
  • couch surfing to rooming house to rough sleeping seeking safe shelter
  • rooming house/caravan park to rough sleeping seeking safe shelter
  • rooming house/caravan park to supported accommodation seeking safe shelter
  • rough sleeping to supported accommodation seeking safe shelter
  • rough sleeping to rooming house/caravan park seeking safe shelter
  • supported accommodation seeking safe housing
  • now in safe housing with a range of experiences of the above

At this stage I am considering a structure that connects the range of interviews we might collect covering these potential scenarios and that these interviews would be linked or tagged to allow viewers to follow a particular journey or experience. The aim would be to expose viewers to the range of potential experiences that encompass being homeless.

I have created a draft flowchart to reflect the potential connection between stories and the journeys that could be experienced through the web documentary.



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