PIM Sketch #2 Church

This is my second sketch for Post-Industrial Media.

This audio recording is of my mother speaking yesterday at her the memorial service of one of her closest friends who she has known for 50 years. I have never heard my mother speak in a public setting such as this so it was a big moment in many ways. I wasn’t thinking of the course at the time but got out my phone to record this as it is a moment that won’t be repeated. The audio can be heard and does serve as a personal memo but is not of a quality that I would be able to make a lot of use of.

The audio in this clip is quite compromised. It was shot in a large space with a softly spoken speaker. It was audible when I edited with my headphones by playing it without the headphones the sound is difficult to hear. BUT that really works quite well in a discussion of portability and I have decided to keep it as a sketch for this reason.

Despite the sound issues, the ability to capture audio as well as video and image is a really valuable aspect of the smart phone. However, as found in this video, the quality of recorded sound, without an additional microphone can be very varied. I would like to explore this audio aspect further and develop ways to record a higher quality level on the phone if possible as it is a key element of the portable affordance of the iphone.




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