PIM Project 3 Sketch_Portability: Backstreets

a) a sketch entirely using the mobile phone without using a computer

The affordance our group is exploring is portability which is defined as something that “can be carried or moved with ease”.

Key aspects of portability that we identifed in our case study are:

  • Due to the size and weight of the smartphone the videographer can take the smart phone almost anywhere without camera bags or extra gear
  • The smartphone can shoot angles that an ordinary video camera wouldn’t be able to get into due to its size and weight.
  • The size of the phone means that the filmmaker can shoot in a documentary or observational style and not intrude on those being filmed. This of course raises issues of permissions and ethics
  • Size also means the filmmaker can shoot in very tight and confined spaces that traditional film cameras could not work in.

At the moment a key interest for me in working with this affordance of portability is the capacity to shoot visually interesting, challenging abstract or beautiful content that I see in my daily life, or that I hunt down purposefully.

This is the first sketch I made after our intensive exploring the affordance of portability. The sketch is made entirely with my iphone 5.

This timelapse video is of laneways and streets where I live. I have’t actually shot with timelapse before and in this case I like how it captures the feel of the streets without having to see it in realtime which could get quite boring. With this video I edited together 3 clips of different lanes and streets in imovie on the iphone. This is the first time I’ve used imovie on the phone. I discovered the edit functions as well as themes and music. For this sketch I didn’t use any filters and added some fast past music (Neon) to match the fast pace of the timelapse.

This was a good introduction for me in using the iphone to capture and edit content. In this case I saved the movie on my phone, emailed it to myself to save on a hard drive and uploaded to Vimeo from the hard drive file. I selected HD 720p but the upload is still pixlelated.



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