PIM Project 3 Sketch: Portability_apps to alter content 3_Autumn in the Gardens

c) using a mobile app to add some type of alteration or effects to the recorded content

In terms of portability, I shot these clips walking the dog in the Edinburgh Gardens. Any warm day in the gardens you can find pockets of people, sitting, talking, walking, playing. This clip is using Cinematic with the Darwin filter. This filter adds to the feel of languid days in the park. This filter adds to the feel of languid days in the park.

One very noticeable limitation of the iphone is particularly apparent in this clip. Without additional lenses the iphone is at its best as Simons notes in his article utilising ‘close-ups and medium shots almost mandatory’ (Simons, 2009, p4). I am not sure of the sense of adding macro and micro lenses to the iphone especially if portability is a key feature. As soon as you add additional hardware the device gets more obvious, heavier, less easy to operate with one hand in small or intimate situations.

Of course you can get up close to your subject but in this situation I am in a public park, with my dog, and intruding on people to get permission to film adds another whole element. It also means that your subject is now aware of being filmed and this does change behaviour. So the shots are all from a distance and not face to face with people. But I think this gives the clip a feel of being an observer of people’s quiet enjoyment of the park and other people. I am interested however in exploring further filming people in the gardens with their permission and perhaps with some audio as well, this is perhaps something to explore for Project 4.

I edited this clip in Premiere Pro. I was interested to see how the square film ratio and 12 fps performed and found that I didn’t need to make any amendments to either to produce this edit. One reason for using Premiere for the edit was that one of the subjects is playing a ukulele. As I was a distance the sound of her playing is poor, but I wanted to get the ukulele sound into the edit. This really meant doing a search for free sound and the audio I found asked that the source be credited. This was much easier to do in Premiere than in either imovie or Cinematic itself. I was also then able to match the clip transitions with the beats of the music to create a nice sense of flow and connection between the audio and visual components of the clip.


Simons J. 2009 ‘Pockets in the Screen-space: movies on the move’. Paper presented at MiT6 Stone and Papyrus, Storage and Transmission MIT, April 24-26.



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